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  • Portable Tool Roll Hand-Cut and Sewn
  • Rustic Hand-Hammered Metal Rivets and Hand-Cut Cinch for Easy Open and Close
  • 10 Staggered Tool Slots (5 on each side)
  • Carry Screwdrivers, Chisels, Wrenches and Other Hand Tools
  • Simple and Functional Design, Makes A Great Gift for Craftmen and Women



Length: 15.5 Inches

Height: 10 Inches

Width: 0.2 Inches


Full Grain Leather and Attractive Suede Leather

*Also Available in Water-Resistant Waxed Canvas and Heavy Duty Canvas 


Avoid leaving the Tool Roll in direct sunlight as it can cause fading. If blemished by oil or grease, apply baking soda on area and brush off with a fine suede brush.


This leather piece with rustic accents is meant to be passed on to future generations.

This is a fine piece of equipment that will last you a lifetime and will be your prized possession to house your arsenal of tools. The ruggedness oozes character while the softness of the Swayze Suede adds a sleek and sophisticated touch. With the capacity to carry ten hand tools in total, this rustic Tool Roll is the perfect addition for the craftsman and woman.

The use of handheld tools spans over millions of years back to when our early human ancestors discovered that smashing a lump of flint into a sharpened edge opened up so many doors (which later developed into crafting actual doors). Over time, man tamed fire, discovered smelting and forging, and we ended up with the tools we have today. These handheld instruments boast such a rich history that they deserve a home that is equally historically rich, this beautifully crafted swayze suede Tool Roll.

Our swayze suede is manufactured through a thorough and meticulous process. Once we remove the hair from the hide, we prepare the fibers for tannage. These tannins couple with the fibers, and converts into a leather and halts the decomposing process. Next, the leather is treated with oils and salts, creating a material that is durable and long-lasting. Before coloring, the leather is cut down and fined to get that beautiful, soft to the touch texture of our swayze suede.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Great Guy Gift!

I had this monogrammed with initials and filled it with tools for a graduation gift! Great quality! Unique gift!

Tool roll

Perfect for my bonsai tools!

Wow now that's a roll

Smells of leather, amazing color, the material is great! I chose the suade blue as a bd gift and the recipient loved it! They keep all their tools inside the roll. Their tools being pens and pencils since they are an artist. I chose this because it wasn't too big yet could fit lots of pencils! I passed by a pencil bag believing this can hold way more and it does!

Just what i was looking for

I purchased the tool roll for a set of plow plane irons.The fit and finish were great - really a beautiful tool roll that I'm sure will only get better with age.

Snazzy Storage

I purchased this tool roll specifically to store a very special set
of steak knives which deserve to be kept safely together. I wasn't
sure how or whether the holder would accommodate them. As it
turned out, the six 8 1/2" knives fit perfectly when placing the handles
of two knives together into each of the three central pockets. They are
snug and secure.The fatigue waxed canvas looks like it was expressly made for these knives.

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