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Excellent quality

This went beyond my expectations. The quality of the leather is really sturdy and the zipper is solid and will not slip. This can be used for the Switch or even a handbag if you're in a hurry.

12 x 12

First time buying from Hide & Drink. Great product! I will be back.

Minimal Wallet

Quality buckle

Well made, nice looking buckle. A little wide but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Nice bag

Heavy duty canvas sturdy zipper with plaid interior.this is made to last worth the monet

Rugged and Rustic

I've become such a fan of Hide & Drink, and this belt is another product that I'm thoroughly impressed with. The leather is rich yet simple, and the entire thing is already wearing in beautifully. Very satisfied.

Great gift for college age girl!!

Gave this to my niece as part of a graduation gift.....she loved It!!! She likes its small size for going out to the bars or movie where you don't need all your stuff. GREAT QUALITY!!

Great purchase

Everything came in a great canvas bag. The quality was much better than I expected for the price.

Great little piece of leather!

Nicely done carrier that cradles the often lost lip balm. Wife loves it.

Nice tool roll

Very well made. I use it to hold tools for my chainsaw and strap it to the chain cover.

Premium Product for non-premium price

I love this lunch bag! As crazy as it sounds I get complements on it several times a week. Solid contruction, looks great and it didn't cost me a ton. Thanks again H&D for a great product.


This is perfect for when I do not wish to carry a lot of stuff with me. The quality is fantastic and the value for the pricw is amazing. Definitely recommended.

Amazing collar

Very well made collar! Love the subtle colors in the middle. My dog loves it!

Handsomely Rugged

Nice mix of rugged yet handsome making this a beautiful gift presented to my son.


Very well made. Leather condition PERFECT. It's hard to know what you'll end up with ordering something just from seeing online, gotten terribly made stuff before. I will be ordering other stuff b/c I know it'll be good. GOOD JOB.

Quality leather

I got this leather to laser some key chains. The bourbon color looks very nice

Good strap

I have 3 such straps. This is a good one.

Car Key Holder

So far, I have bought myself two of these. They are so convenient. I’m able to throw my key(s) in there n clip it onto me somewhere when I go on my morning runs n then throw my earbuds in there when I get my key out after my runs.

Scissor Belt

Had tried out a few of the options available in stores. Wasn’t quite liking the fit. This one was perfect. Sits flush to my body offering my knife a good grip yet keeping it simple for when I reach for it n pull it out

Book Strap Carrier

Duuuude! I love this thing! I think I’m telling my age by saying this, but it takes me waaaaay back! :D

Belt Keychain Hook

Simple, rustic n of course fits perfectly onto H&D’s two row stitch belt in bourbon brown! :D

Beautiful little unique leather cap

This is a very unique hat. It is a little snug for my larger than average head, but it is quite handsome. If you are looking for something that will turn heads on an autumn day, look no further. This is the hat that you are looking for.

This is a wonder piece. Just what I’ve been looking for. Great price

Saves my shirts

I love the feel, look and use of my pocket protector. The high quality of the leather and the hand made item is everything I expected.

Fun product

A great gift for any beer lover!