Canvas Tool Roll


Portable Tool Roll Handmade from Heavy Duty Canvas 

Rustic Hand-Hammered Metal Rivets and Hand-Cut Cinch for Easy Open and Close

10 Staggered Tool Slots (5 on each side)

Carry Screwdrivers, Chisels, Wrenches and Other Hand Tools

Simple and Functional Design, Makes A Great Gift for Craftmen and Women

* Also available in Water-Resistant Waxed Canvas



Length: 15.5 Inches

Height: 10 Inches

Width: 0.1 Inches

Materials: Heavy Duty Canvas or Water-Resistant Canvas, Genuine Full Grain Leather


To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. 


This timeless classic is meant to be passed on to future generations.

This is a fine piece of equipment that will last you a lifetime and will be your prized possession to house your arsenal of tools, with 10 staggered slots (5 on each side) to carry screwdrivers, chisels, wrenches and other hand tools. The ruggedness of the canvas exudes character while the leather lining adds a sleek and sophisticated touch. With the capacity to carry ten hand tools in total, this beautifully handmade Tool Roll is the perfect addition for the craftsman and woman.

The use of handheld tools spans over millions of years back to when our early human ancestors discovered that smashing a lump of flint into a sharpened edge opened up so many doors (which later developed into crafting actual doors). Over time, man tamed fire, discovered smelting and forging, and we ended up with the tools we have today. These handheld instruments boast such a rich history that they deserve a home that is equally historically rich, this beautifully crafted Canvas Tool Roll.

Our canvas comes from the highly respected supplier Lonas Segovia, the oldest canvas maker in Guatemala. The seams are sewn using bonded nylon thread with a burned and melted finish offering no loose ends during your travel, and the leather is made from the finest, most durable Full Grain Leather.

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