Comalapa Coin Pouch

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Sunset Comalapa
Sailor Comalapa
Violet Comalapa
  • Handmade From Strong Raw Canvas
  • Unique Guatemalan Design
  • Perfect For All Occasions
  • Durable with Double Stitched Seams 
  • Fashionable Coin Carrier



Length: 4.8 Inches

Width: 4 Inches

Height: 1 Inch


Full Grain Leather, Raw Canvas, Genuine Mayan Textiles


If needed, hand wash with a delicate soap and warm water, or machine wash on gentle cycle.


This beautiful item is the Comalapa Coin Pouch. Stylish and attractive in design, this Coin Pouch is great to carry loose change or cards and folded bills with you wherever you go. Easy to fit in your bag or pocket, this is a great gift for yourself or for family and friends.

Comalapa is a town just north-west of the capital city of Guatemala, and was the scene of epic battles between the Mayan indigenous people and the colonial Spanish in the 16th century. Known as the "Florence of Guatemala", its community bears an attitude that allows weavers the freedom of expression to make each textile a unique personal work of art, and the town is also well known for its primitive, naïf paintings. Some of the most complex and beautiful textile designs come from this region, and this Comalapa Make-Up Bag is no exception.

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