Fire Fan

Portable Fan For Wood & Charcoal Fires

Ideal For Grilling, BBQ, Tailgating, Fireplaces & Wood Stoves

Use For Sparking & Getting Your Fire Going Quickly

Handmade From A Natural Woven Tule Palm



Length: 18.5 Inches

Height: 11.5 Inches

Width: 1.5 Inches

Materials: Durable, Hand-Woven Tule


Avoid leaving in direct sunlight to prevent discoloring. If necessary, clean with cold water and leave to dry.



This hand-woven, dyed Tule Fire Fan is a great addition to your fireplace, perfect for BBQ's, and excellent for campfires. Ideal for starting the fire or tending to a dying flame and keeping it alive and kicking, while doing it in style, too.

Tule is a sturdy reed and is mostly found in its habitat of freshwater marshes. Tule was mainly implemented by the early settlers from New Spain who noticed that the marshes that dotted the Central Valley of California bore similar plants to those of the marshes of Mexico City. The name Tule derives from their Nahuatl word for the plant, "Tollin".

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