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Waxed Canvas
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Blue Suede
Honey Bourbon Waxed Canvas
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  • Portable Barber Tool Roll
  • Hand-Cut and Sewn 
  • Groom Your Facial Hair with Style and Class
  • Rolls Up When You're Done
  • Makes A Great Gift for the Bearded Traveler



Length: 17.5 Inches

Height: 0.3 Inches

Width: 9.6 Inches


Premium Swayze Suede, Brass Metal

*Also Available in Water-Resistant Canvas, Waxed Canvas and Heavy Duty Canvas


Avoid leaving the pouch in direct sunlight as it can cause fading. If blemished by everyday stains, apply baking soda on the area and brush off with a fine suede brush.


This leather piece with rustic accents is meant to be passed on to future generations.

I moustache you a question, are you hairy? Do you get a 5 o' clock shadow? Do you shave in the morning and then minutes later you've grown the bushiest beard known to man? If so, then you need to tame that beard with style. Be it at home or on the road, shave your manly beard, groom your fine moustache, and trim those hairs with the Leather Barber Tool Roll at your side. With slots to place your razors, scissors, combs, tweezers and trimmers, this is the perfect home for them all.

Shaving has long since been a tradition dating back as far as the discovery of ancient razors from the Bronze Age circa 3500BC in Egypt. Barbers were highly respected individuals, and the first known examples of barbers were priests or medicine men, and in Roman times a first shave was treated as a ceremonial celebration of a young man's coming of age. Barber shops became popular locations for daily news and local gossip, and the barber even doubled up as a surgeon, performing operations, leeching, enemas and even teeth extraction. 

Our Swayze suede is manufactured through a thorough and meticulous process. Once we remove the hair from the hide, we prepare the fibers for tannage. These tannins couple with the fibers, and converts into a leather and halts the decomposing process. Next, the leather is treated with oils and salts, creating a material that is durable and long-lasting. Before coloring, the leather is cut down and fined to get that beautiful, soft to the touch texture of our Swayze suede.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Best tool roll ever.

I love the construction and build of this tool roll. Currently. I use it for art materials but am thinking about getting another for a good tool set. Just keep in mind that you might want to get the larger tool roll for larger tools. The pockets are small and are intended for thinner tools.

Great gift for my barber friend

Good quality, trendy, and great price. Can't wait to gift this item to my friend!


Very well made. Leather condition PERFECT. It's hard to know what you'll end up with ordering something just from seeing online, gotten terribly made stuff before. I will be ordering other stuff b/c I know it'll be good. GOOD JOB.

Space saver

Love the tool roll. Very handsome and rugged. Well made.

Father’s Day gift

I like the look, feel, size and functionality. Good for storing punches, chisels and knives.

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