Wood Eye Glasses Holder

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Malerio Wood
  • Show Off Your Best Shades
  • High-Quality Lumber
  • Monolithic Moai Statue Design
  • Blends With Any Decor
  • Fun Gift Idea



Length: 6 Inches
Width: 2 Inches
Height: 1 Inch


High Qualit Malerio Wood


Treat and polish with a reputable paste wax to enhance the beauty of the wood grain.


Give your expensive new sunglasses the home they deserve and on show for everyone to see. This fun wooden glasses holder comes in the style of the monolithic Moai statues of Easter Island, and works with any decor in your home. The finely carved wood is finished and sealed with a natural, non-toxic oil that gives it a beautifully rich shine. Smooth to the touch and easy to use, this is a fantastic gift for anyone. 

Our lumber is sourced from the high-quality timber yards and sawmills of nearby Chimaltenango, with a variety of grains and colors to suit all tastes. All of our timbers undergo a careful kiln drying method to carefully lessen the moisture content, leaving just enough so that it can suitably adapt to the relative humidity in your home.

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