Wood Book Page Holder

Jobillo Wood
Manchiche Wood
Chechen Wood
Catalox Wood
Malerio Wood

Excellent Gift Idea for Booklovers

Perfect for Lazy Rainy Days or Reading On the Go

Elegant and Functional Design

Easy to Store and Carry



Length: 2.9 Inches

Width: 0.8 Inches

Height: 1.4 Inches

Materials: Various Types of Select High-Quality Wood


Treat and polish with a reputable paste wax to enhance beauty of the wood grain.


This elegantly crafted Wood Page Holder helps bring back the joy of reading, whether you're commuting on a busy bus or train, or simply having a guilt-free, lazy day at home. Place your thumb through the hole like a ring to keep your page in place without blemishing the paper, so you can read your book with ease. The finely carved wood is finished and sealed with a natural, non-toxic oil that gives it a beautifully rich shine. Smooth to the touch and easy to use, this is a fantastic gift for all book lovers. 

Our lumber is sourced from the high-quality timber yards and sawmills of nearby Chimaltenango, with a variety of grains and colors to suit all tastes. All of our timbers undergo a careful kiln drying method to carefully lessen the moisture content, leaving just enough so that it can suitably adapt to the relative humidity in your home.

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