Wood Wine & Glass (4) Holder

Conacaste Wood

Attractive Wooden Wine & Glass Holder

Show-Off Your Best Wine & Glassware

Hand Made by Artisans of Pastores

Made with High-Quality Lumber

Sleek and Functional Design



Length: 6.2 Inches

Height: 0.75 Inches

Width: 6.2 Inches

Materials: High-Quality Conacaste Wood


Treat and polish with a reputable paste wax to enhance beauty of the wood grain. Wash with mild soap and water, dry thoroughly.


This is a fun and practical way of showing off your best wine and your favorite glassware. It's a perfect addition to your kitchen or dining room for dinner parties and events, and even a great idea for centerpieces at weddings and large parties. Made with high-quality Conacaste wood, native to the land of Guatemala, this finely designed product fits over the neck of any standard 75ml bottle and is finished and sealed with a natural, non-toxic oil that gives it a beautifully rich shine. Compact and simple to store away when not in use, this stylish and functional item is a must have to show off your best clarets and sauvignons and crystalware.

Our lumber is sourced from the high-quality timber yards and sawmills of nearby Chimaltenango, with a variety of grains and colors to suit all tastes. All of our timbers undergo a careful kiln drying method to carefully lessen the moisture content, leaving just enough so that it can suitably adapt to the relative humidity in your home.

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